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Solution Technologies Ltd are the company who designed and developed the Contractor Tracker management system.

Since being established in 2005 we have designed and developed tailor made online management systems that have helped companies streamline information to ensure accurate collation of data, compliance, monitoring of on-site visitors and reduce overheads.

The system was developed for clients who were experiencing problems with contractor compliance, whereabouts and accountability.

Contractor Tracker now gives them piece of mind that all work information and H&S documents have been input by the contractor, checked by an FM and filed before access is granted to site.

Our clients now comply with HSE regulations and are covered in the event of any H&S incident.

Why use Solution Technologies Ltd?

Solution Technologies Ltd will tailor Contractor Tracker to suit your needs and guarantee a quick turn around so that it will be up and running in your company within weeks and deployed across multi sites for easy management.

This bespoke cost effective CTracker system will streamline and collate all your H&S data, retrievable at the touch of a button, and will reduce your admin burden which will free up your FM’s time on site and as an added bonus this completely online system will save you money on paper costs!

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“This system is an essential part of the contractor management at Buchanan Galleries. It helps to manage contractors on site more efficiently. We used to operate on a seven day notice period for contractors to request access; we now complete this process in hours. Documents and permits are uploaded or completed before any visit is made, the contractor receives confirmation that they are approved to work within the centre in advance, so the engineer is no longer required to fill out paperwork on arrival; which is time consuming.

The layout and design of the site is both user friendly to the contractor and the administrator, it’s extremely easy to use enabling access requests to be found at the touch of a button. I wouldn’t be without it. It manages and records all access requests in real time allowing me to prevent access to those not on the system or those who intend to conduct work in an area which they cannot; the list is endless.

I recommend Contractor Tracker to anyone wishing to improve control or increase the efficiency of managing contractors and the health and safety of their premises big or small.”

Euan Mackay


“The system is led by the user and the emphasis is for the contractor to advise the Shopping Centre, what, when, why and how they wish to work, aside completing all of their own high risk permits.

We have been working with C-Tracker since November 2015 with over 14,000 requests processed, with one consistent platform and minimal interaction for our Helpdesk.

The system is in real-time, reliable and easy to access from mobile phones as well as other portable devices and also covers our due diligence and legislative framework for evaluating a safe system of work.”

Broadway Bradford

Shopping Centre, Bradford

“Currently operating a version of Contractor Trackerâ„¢ under the u-secureit brand.

This system manages 10,000+ visits per year and has over 500 approved registered contractors using the system on regular basis.”



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“Launched late 2013 the Westfield UK Shopping Centre Contractor Tracker system has made tracking all contractors much more efficient and easier. This is a complete bespoke system.”

Adam Cochrane


If you require more information or would like a demo, please contact us.